Beeley Lane, Rabbit Warren, Chatsworth Park

2 Hrs

5.29 miles (8.51 Km)

Roadside parking on Beeley Lane by top of Beeley plantation


From parking area follow wide track immediately above Beeley plantation until the track bears sharply leftwards and heads downhill, at which point take the stile on right, just by 5 bar gate.
Follow the wide track across Rabbit Warren with superb views over the Derwent Valley and on to perimeter wall of the Chatsworth Estate.
Over stile into the woodland and at cross roads by signpost, “Robin Hood”, continue straight on.
Follow track for some distance passing Swiss Lake on right then Emperor Lake on left.
Take 2nd path on left after Emperor Lake (approx 300 mtrs after lake) when it’s possible to see the Hunting Tower through the trees at end of path.
Down steps beyond the cannons in front of Hunting Tower to estate road and turn left onto the road.
After approx 150 mtrs take steps on left behind 2 wooden barriers and follow path which runs parallel and above the estate road.
Pass the steep stone steps on your left with the chain handrail and continue straight on to the viewing platform above the incredible water chute.
Continue uphill from the viewing platform to the pool above the top waterfall, OR take the path on the right before the stone steps to the right of the top waterfall.
If you've climbed to the pool at the top of the steps, than take the steps above the pool and at the wide track turn right and follow the wide track to the estate road.
If you've turned right onto the path before the final stone steps, continue along the path to meet the estate road at the apex of a bend.
At junction with the estate road turn left and after 100 mtrs (150 mtrs if you've taken the lower path) when road bears left, take narrow path on right.
Turn right over stream when you meet the wide track and head back to the stile to exit Chatsworth Estate.
Continue on the wide track across Rabbit Warren back to rejoin the track above Beeley plantation and on to the parking area.

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