White Lodge car park on A6 via Sheldon

1 hr 49 mins

4.47 miles (7.19 Km)

White Lodge car park A6 between Bakewell and Buxton


 From White Lodge car park take track heading up and leftwards from lower car park.

Through gate and at way marker take path towards Deep Dale.

Over stone style then at next sign take a right towards Deep Dale.

Head up Deep Dale until a style takes you over the wall on right.

Over style and turn left then continue uphill for approx 100 mtrs and take the style on left.

Head up the hill and out of Deep Dale.

At top of hill take style then straight ahead through 4 gates.

As wall on your left bends round to left, bear left towards telegraph pole. The next style is just next to the pole.

Over the 2 styles that cut across the corner of the field (corner is enclosed).

Straight through next field to gate and style.

Over style onto road and turn left into Sheldon.

Through Sheldon and at bottom of hill the road bends left with Lower Farm on corner.

Immediately after Lower Farm take path on left and head down into wood.

Head down through wood until you reach a perpendicular path at the bottom.

Turn left and follow this path with River Wye on your right until you return to the car park.

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