Ecton, Top of Ecton and Wetton Mill

1 Hr 50mins

4.02 miles (6.46 Km)

Large lay-by, near a small caravan site at Ecton


From lay-by head towards Hulme End passing Mintlyn house on your right (the small caravan site is on your left).
After Mintlyn House take track on right uphill.
Pass large house with green spires on your left and over stile beyond.
Right over stile then bear left heading uphill traversing rightwards.
Follow the well defined path to top and gate in wall.
Through gate and cross large open field trending slightly rightwards aiming for right end of trees at far end of field.
At right end of trees take farm gate and head diagonally downhill across field to stile at bottom right corner.
Over stile and turn left.
At road turn right then as road bends round to left, take path on right.
When wall on your right ends, take the right side of wall that’s facing you.
Keep heading downhill over several stiles until you reach farm at bottom of hill.
Through the farm.
Continue on track to café at Wetton Mill.
Through café car park passing café and cottages and tables on left and follow signpost left immediately before the holiday cottages.
Follow the path uphill behind the holiday cottages to reach a waymarker.
Left at waymarker and through gate to drop down to steep sided valley.
Head up the valley to gate and farm on left.
Through gate and follow road uphill.
Where road forks take left fork.
Uphill for short distance and take gate on right.
Follow this path past old mines and straight on through long field up to trig point.
At trig point bear slightly right aiming for top corner of enclosed field where wall has collapsed.
Into this field and through gate on far side.
Head down field passing old mine shafts to next gate.
Through gate and bear left slightly (recently renovated mine building on left) to next gate on left.
Through this gate and immediately right.
Follow path downhill passing through wooded area at bottom and back to the large house with green spires.
Back down track, left at bottom and back to car.

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