Roach End, Gradbach Wood

1 hr 19 mins

3.12 miles (5.02 Km)

Reasonable amount of roadside parking near the track heading down to Roach End Farm


Through stile at apex of 90 deg bend, 75 mtrs up from cattle-grid.
Immediately right and over another stile.
Follow path downhill avoiding 2 paths off left; the first being marked "Lud's Church", the second unmarked.
On reaching the stream on your right, follow it downstream to reach a ford.
At this point there is a 4 ways meeting of paths. Take the path uphill signposted "Lud's Church" and "Swythamley".
Continue uphill to reach an outcrop of rocks on your right and signpost left to Lud's Church. The route continues uphill at this point, signposted " Swythamley" but it's a short detour left to Lud's Church which is worthwhile and probably quite a surprise if you don't know what to expect.
Continue uphill towards Swythamley to reach a gate just before the ridge.
Turn left before the gate, signposted "Roaches".
Follow the ridge back to Roach End and your car.Route detail here....

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