Gradbach, Crag Hall Wildboarclough

1 Hr 55mins

4.42 miles (7.11 Km)

Car park on narrow road between Manor Farm and Gradbach Mill YHA


From car park take the path upstream to the bridge and style beyond.
Follow river upstream to where field narrows and take the gate on the right.
Turn left onto road, pass chapel and house on the right and take the path immediately after house on right up a few steps to begin with.
Follow to quiet road and take the track directly opposite.
After farm building on left (Flasker Moor), path bears right to a gate.
Follow the well defined path diagonally uphill to broken wall.
Over wall and continue uphill with stream on your right.
Path crosses stream after approx 150 mtrs and continues uphill to an awkward style.
Continue directly ahead to a gate on right and end of access land.
Diagonally leftwards and uphill to gate at top.
Straight on past waymarkers to another gate.
Continue directly ahead and path increasingly becomes tractor tracks which are followed to style and road.
Cross road and take road downhill opposite (stunning when Rhododendrons are out).
75 mtrs after the turn on the right to Macc Forest and you can see Crag Hall, take the track on the left (signposted).
Follow the track around the back of the cottage and continue pas the barn and farm house on your right.
Continue directly ahead after passing through gate by farm house (don't follow the farm track) aiming for the far top corner of the field.
Through the gate and follow the track uphill with wood on your left.
Over style at top and skirt around the left hand side of the wood ahead.
At end of wood head towards barn.
Take the style before the barn and skirt round the upper side of the barn.
After the barn the path continues with the wall on your right and then up the track to style and road.
Directly over the road, over style and uphill to the tarmac drive.
Follow this until it forks then take the stony track left.
Follow this all the way to the road (avoid the path left just before the farm houses).
Directly over the road and follow the track signposted Goose Tree Farm.
As farm track bends right, take the well signposted path straight on through gate.
Follow this downhill through gap in wall and down to the footbridge over the Dane with the YHA beyond.
Follow the road around Gradbach Mill YHA and continue on this, turning left onto the road at the top, back to the car park.

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