Calver, Coombs Dale, Rough Side

1 hr 59 mins

4.99 miles (8.04 Km)

Calver village


Head along A 623 from Calver in direction Stoney Middleton and take path on left immediately before football field (“Private Road” sign and footpath sign “Black Harry Gate 2 miles”).
Follow this obvious path up Coombs Dale then Rough Side to metal and wooden gates (“Heavy Plant Crossing” sign).
100 mtrs beyond the gate cross the quarry road and through metal pedestrian gate opposite.
Uphill for 30 mtrs then take wooden gate on left.
Cross the quarry road again and continue on the wide track opposite.
Follow the wide track uphill with broken walls either side of you.
Track eventually levels out and drops down to wooden gate.
Through gate and pass the 2 large metal gates on your right (entrance to quarry) and through the pedestrian metal gate just beyond.
Turn left onto farm track and follow this keeping the long narrow copse on your right.
50 mtrs after copse finishes, take stile on left.
Follow the wide farm track downhill to begin with (avoid path off to your right).
Track then continues uphill with wall then fence on your right.
Track eventually becomes a path, and starts to drop downhill (fence still on your right).
After passing through 2 wooden gates, path is bounded by stone walls left and right.
Follow this path downhill, avoiding path on left by wooden gate and another off right 100 mtrs after the gate.
Path finally bears right to a stile and on past a house on right back to Calver.

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