Calver, Bramley Wood, Bank Wood

1 hr 39 mins

4.41 miles (7.1 Km)

Car park opposite Derwentwater Arms


Head uphill from car park entrance then down to “T” junction where you turn right.
Head uphill for 100 mtrs then take the small turn on left; “Folds Lane”.
At end of lane follow the path around the left side of the last house to the back of the house (avoid the path off left halfway along the side of the house).
At the junction of paths at the back of the house, take the left fork.
Head over the field then down a dip and up the far side to a stile into the wood.
Head steeply uphill through the wood and just before the top, fork right and follow the path along the top of the wood keeping the wall on your left and wood on your right.
Follow path to a road where you cross over and continue on the path opposite through Bank Wood.
Follow this path to a quiet road where you turn left.
Stay on this road for approx 1 km and when the road bears right, take path on left into field.
Head diagonally across field then follow fence rightwards aiming towards Baslow which you can see in the distance.
Over stile and continue downhill keeping wall on your left to another stile.
At bottom of field take stile on left and follow path keeping wall on your right.
At stile and gate head diagonally rightwards towards gate in wall at bottom of field.
Through gate then trend leftwards to reach the wall then follow the wall down to end of field just before house.
Through gate and follow farm track for 50 mtrs then turn right onto farm access road.
At “T” junction turn left and follow the quiet road beyond the houses and then downhill.
As road bears left take path across fields on right marked “Heritage Way”.
Follow this path until you’re opposite the caravan site on the opposite side of the river.
At this point take path on left and follow back to the village of Calver.
Head between the houses and then turn left when you reach the road.
At small island with street lamp in middle turn right uphill and follow road back to car park.


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