Hollinsclough, Hollins Hill

1 Hr 4 mins

2.24 miles (3.61 Km)

Hollinsclough village near phone box


Head through village passing chapel on your right and as you’re heading uphill out of village, take 2nd path on right (1st right being immediately after farm).
Head down to bridge over stream.
Over bridge, through metal gate and follow path trending leftwards uphill to meet farm track.
At farm track turn left and follow this up past Fough cottage.
10 mtrs past the entrance gate to Fough cottage bear right away from farm track, through gap in wall and head for top end of the bowl keeping the steep section over to your right.
Through gap in wall, turn right then after 15 mtrs and before the end of open access sign, head left uphill (trending slightly leftwards) to a gate.
Through gate then head rightwards uphill to the top (great views).
Continue across the flat top to a gate with wall on your right.
Follow the ridge along keeping the wall on your right.
At end of ridge the path descends in a large zig zag back to the farm track you came up earlier.
Left onto farm track, and back down to bridge over stream (don’t miss the path off right at the “Private Land” sign.
Over bridge, diagonally leftwards uphill to road leading back to the village of Hollinsclough

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