Taddington Moor, Limestone Way, Sough Top

1 hr 33 mins

3.96 miles (6.37 Km)



Approx 150 mtrs up the road from the Queen’s Arms, take footpath on left (Ash Tree Lane) immediately after a paddock.
20 mtrs after path bears round left, turn right and continue uphill on steps to gate.
Through gate and continue on wide path passing childrens’ play area on left (hope the children using the swing appreciate the views!) then well on right and up to a gate before the road.
Turn left onto road and follow until you reach road off to the right, at which point take footpath on right just after the junction (opposite concealed entrance sign).
Head diagonally across field to gap in far wall (was probably a gate at some point).
Through gap and continue diagonally rightwards to stile.
Over stile and head downhill.
Towards bottom of field head rightwards to gate, 20 mtrs uphill from bottom right corner of field (don’t take the gate directly ahead of you).
Either continue through next field with wall on your right, or avoid the depressions by heading left then back right to reach metal gate with farm track beyond.
Continue on this farm track, passing barn on right to reach a road.
Turn right and follow road to cross roads where you turn right onto quiet lane.
Follow this to “T” junction and turn right (signposted Limestone Way).
After 150 mtrs turn left onto farm track (again Limestone Way).
At top of hill and junction of paths, take stile on right and follow footpath gently uphill.
Continue over a series of stiles keeping wall on your left, passing a copse & telecoms mast over to your right.
Continue directly on until you reach Sough Top service reservoir and more telecoms masts.
Just before the reservoir follow the wall rightwards to reach a stile on your left just beyond the reservoir.
Head diagonally rightwards across field to stile.
Over stile and head diagonally rightwards downhill to reach road just above the village.
Cross road and follow path down between houses to road.
Turn left onto road then immediately right and head down the road back to your car.

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