Hollinsclough, Brand End

1 hr 24 mins

3.3 miles (5.35 Km)

Hollinsclough village near phone box


Head through village passing chapel on your right.
Head uphill (ignoring gate/path immediately after farm on right) to stile on right.
After a short distance bear left and follow path (muddy in parts) which generally contours hillside.
Where farm track heads up and leftwards, continue straight on passing barn below you on your right.
As the slope you’re on swings round to the left and footpath appears to peter out, drop down tending right towards old barn on far side of stream and bridge (photo opportunity).
Over bridge and head up the obvious stony path until it swings sharply right.
At the apex of this sharp bend take the gate on your left.
Follow this path eventually heading downhill towards the stream.
Over the bridge and stile then steeply uphill to the waymarker at the top.
Follow right hand ridge.
Over stone stile (potentially frisky foals in field who appear to be less than keen on dogs) and straight on (wall on your left) passing Brand End Farm on your left.
Bear right and downhill to farm buildings.
Follow the signs round the left side of the farm to the rear to reach wall.
Before the wall head downhill to the stream at the bottom.
Cross the stream via the stone "bridge" then over the stile and keep left of the obvious marshy ground.
Continue uphill until you reach 2 marker posts and wooden bridge on your right taking you to the right hand side of the marshy ground.  
Continue uphill to reach Booth Farm.
Once on tarmac road look for waymarker opposite the concrete block building.
Cross the cattle grid and head along track, passing Fough Cottage on your right (ignore path off to right at cottage).
Continue down track ignoring the track off to the left immediately after Fough cottage garden.
Towards the bottom of this track the sign “Private Land” forces you rightwards and down to the bridge.
Over bridge and follow path up and leftwards back to the road.
Left onto road and downhill back to Hollinsclough



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