Youlgreave, Black Nursery Plantation

1 hr 25 mins

3.62 miles (5.83 Km)

Limited parking on Mawstone Lane by metal gates with letters MMY on gates otherwise further down lane towards river bridge at bottom of Youlgreave


Walk starts by metal gates with the letters “MMY” in large round ironwork, on Mawstone Lane, approx 500 meters on left hand side from bridge over river Bradford in Youlgreave, in the direction of the caravan site.
Over style left of gates and head up to farm (don’t go through gate on left but keep on up the field towards Mawstone farm).
Take style left of farm house and keep on uphill to reach the farm track which swings round to the left above the farm and heads uphill.
Follow this farm track uphill passing barn on right and past a signposted junction of paths with style on left just beyond top of wood.
Continue past this junction of paths, staying on farm track (wall on your left) for 60 mtrs to a gate.
Through gate then bear slightly left (as indicated by waymarker) towards small copse.
Over style and cross wooded farm track and over next style.
Straight ahead through next field.
Over next style then bear left aiming for left end of copse at top of hill.
Over style then down through next field keep wall then fence on your left to reach next style.
Over this style and head diagonally rightwards (well defined path) to reach break in next wall.
Through the break and head towards break in next wall but turn sharp right at waymarker (signposted Middleton via Rock Farm) so you’re almost coming back on yourself.
Back across the field you’ve just crossed a little higher up to reach style.
Over style and cross the rough wooded area, passing through metal gate to join farm track.
Head down farm track and past Spout Cottage and Spout House (together forming Rock Farm) to join road.
Turn left out of farm track onto lane and head downhill to reach Gratton Grange Farm on right.
Go through gate into farmyard and pass farmhouse on your left (well signposted).
Go through the 2 metal gates behind farmhouse (not the gate on right).
Straight across next field aiming 15 mtrs left of 2 large trees where there’s a gap in the fence.
Through the gap and head along left side of field straight ahead.
Where rough wooded area on your left ends, take the style on left and turn immediately right.
Follow the upper edge of field passing way marker to just before farm buildings where way marker points right to a concessionary path around farm.
Around farm then follow the farm track downhill and over cattle grid.
50 mtrs after cattle grid take style on right.
Through field keeping wall on your right until you pass old farm building where path swings right then left again to bring you to the next style.
Continue straight ahead crossing 4 styles/gates to reach stone bridge over stream with wood beyond.
Cross bridge and turn right.
As you head uphill the path forks after about 100 mtrs. Take left fork keeping the short steep hill on your left side (you’re roughly following direction of overhead cables).
Cross style at top then continue straight on (path is well defined) through a total of 8 styles or gates until you reach a gate with overhead cables above you.
Turn right at this point and follow the line of the cables downhill to reach the road where you started.

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