Hartington Pilsbury

1 Hr 57 mins

4.96 miles (7.98 Km)

Hartington village


From the village centre head up the lane passing the duck pond on your left.
Follow lane to metal gate across road with Bank Top Farm on left, and take track on right uphill immediately after gate.
As track doubles back right on itself, take path on left through the metal gate.
Follow the well signposted path (blue coloured posts and stones clearly showing the direction of path), contouring the hillside over series of fields.
At end of open access, path gently gains height to cluster of trees.
Path continues to climb slightly beyond the trees to finally reach a gate, 30 mtrs below the wall at the top of the field.
Through the gate and head downhill, turning left at the bottom and head towards the obvious barn and road.
Turn left onto road, signposted to Sheen & Pilsbury and follow this downhill, turning sharp left towards the bottom.
At bottom of hill opposite the large farmhouse and just before the metal gate across the road, take the track on right (signposted “Sheen & Brund”) down to the bridge over the stream.
Over the bridge turn right onto farm track.
Head uphill for 150 mtrs. and take path on left through gate signposted to Sheen.
Head diagonally uphill to the immaculate farm at the top and follow the signposting around the garden and outbuildings.
At road turn left for 150 mtrs to the next farm on left.
Follow signs (marked “Hartington”) around right side of farm buildings and continue directly on across fields keeping wall on your right.
Continue in same direction after wall on right finishes to a stone stile.
Over stile and continue on path with steep bank on your left.
Continue through wood then the path bears left slightly downhill to farm track.
Turn right onto farm track for 100 mtrs, then take path on left down to river bridge.
Over bridge path bears right and continues diagonally through a series of fields & wood, bringing you out at the old cheese factory at Hartington.
Left onto road and back to car.

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