Parkhouse and Chrome Hills

1 hr 40 mins

3.69 miles (5.94 Km)

Wide grass verges near Harley Grange Farm


Note 1: There are a lot of sheep in this area so this isn’t a perfect dog walk, but because of the spectacular views from the top of Chrome Hill, I felt it had to be included.
Note 2: There’s quite a bit of steep uphill on this walk but it’s worth it for the views!

Take the waymarked path opposite Harley Grange Farm and head diagonally leftwards across field (head for left hand telegraph pole near left end of field).
Through gate, over track and through gate and stile into next field.
Head downhill to Glutton Grange farm at bottom.
Through metal gate, turn left, through another metal gate then around the farm buildings on the right.
Left through another metal gate (signposted).
Head diagonally to far corner, through another gate and head uphill between the 2 wire fences.
Through wooden gate at top and immediately right through another gate onto access land.
Either skirt around the left side of Parkhouse Hill or if you’re feeling fit, head for the top.
Either way, head for the far end of Parkhouse Hill arriving at a cattle grid on the road to Dowall Hall between Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill.
Before the cattle grid on the left hand side heading in the direction of Dowall Hall, take the stile marked concession path.
Follow the concession path to the top of Chrome Hill and continue down the far ridge to a gate at the far end. End of open access area.
Follow path crossing a wooden bridge to reach the stile at far end of field.
Over stile, turn right and head steeply uphill following the marker posts to a gate at the top left corner of field.
Through this gate and another gate to reach the farm track.
Right onto farm track and turn right when you reach the quiet road.
Follow this road for approx 1.25 km passing Greensides Farm on your left and then down Dowel Dale until the road bears right and there’s a waymarker and wooden gate on the left side of road.
Take this gate and again steeply uphill, trending slightly rightwards to another gate at top.
Cross the large field aiming slightly left of Earl Sterndale which can be seen in the distance.
Over the stone stile at far end of field and head downhill trending leftwards past the enclosed pond and back to the car.

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