Lamaload Reservoir, Gulshaw Hollow

2 Hrs 9 mins

4.97 miles (8 Km)

Lamaload Reservoir car park


From car park, head towards reservoir, turn right at barn and head down to gate/stile.
Follow wide path uphill to gate and stile then continue to reach stile on left hand side.
Over stile and head downhill towards treatment works.
Just before treatment works turn left and skirt round works (signpost beyond stream “Rainow”) to reach tarmac road.
Head up the road to reach cattle grid (ignoring the cattle grid halfway up the hill) and Snipe Farm on left.
Take stile on right just after cattle grid and head downhill to large tree before farm.
Follow signs to skirt round right side of farm and then head uphill on the farm track.
At top of hill take the left fork and after 200 mtrs take the stile on left.
Head diagonally leftwards downhill to bridge over stream.
Over the bridge and then head leftwards uphill (wall on your left) to stile and track beyond.
Turn left onto track and take the white gate just right of entrance to cottage.
Head uphill to reach the road.
Turn left on road, past cattle grid then take stile and path on right uphill.
After gap in wall bear left following waymarkers to stile at top of field.
Continue uphill with wall on your right to reach stile on your right.
Over stile and head diagonally leftwards uphill aiming for middle/right end of copse and stile.
Over stile turn right onto road.
Follow road to farm and cottages.
Immediately past the cottages, bear left to metal kissing gate.
Through the gate and continue on well defined track with wall on left.
When wall ends, continue straight on and maintain the same height where path becomes less defined but keep the remains of a wall once you reach it on your right.
Path bears left downhill to stile and stream.
Over bridge then head diagonally leftwards uphill to gate by telegraph pole (avoid track to Vale Royal Farm).
Follow the path skirting around the farm to reach stream keeping the boggy area in 2nd field off to your left.
Turn right over stream.
Follow track uphill to stile, over this and a further 2 stiles, trending slightly uphill.
After 2nd stile, ignore direction arrow and head diagonally rightwards and down to another stile.
Follow lower edge of field, bearing uphill slightly towards the end of field, then crossing tarmac drive to stile.
Continue straight on, over bridge then halfway across next field take the left fork where path splits.
Straight on at gate/stile to reach the woods beyond.
Turn left before woods and follow obvious well signposted path to stile.
Over stile then head downhill to another stile at entrance to wood.
Down through wood to the treatment works where you were earlier.
Follow the track from the treatment works back uphill until it bears right at which point you head straight up following the waymarker to the wall and stile at the top of the field.
Turn right onto track and follow back to reservoir and car park.

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